People often ask, what’s the difference between UI and UX design? There’s a lot of overlaps, sure, then why it seems to have split into different professional.

The Designer

Started off as a Multimedia Designer, I’ve done lots of graphics and interface work, and later on specialized in web and mobile UI design. While our primary job is to create visually appealing interface, good UI designers naturally and subconsciously take a lot of usability into consideration. Visual hierarchy, contrast and clarity, and etc. We did not have all the fancy terminology, but we have always been covering the user experience aspect of things.

It’s just a matter of how well-defined and how much emphasis is being placed on those details.

The Achitect

There’s another school of UX Designers that came from the tech side – the Information Architect. Doing business analysis, conduct interviews, crunching data. They’re not your arty bunch, but they’ve been planning sitemap, determining user flow, and creating wireframe, reflecting the results of their research. This is business-critical and can be easily pitch to stakeholders as these’re the cold hard proof of what users want in your product.

The Chase

Designers can strengthen their skill set by understanding the business. Get involved early in the project helps to clarify the business objective of the product. Making informed and business-critical decision that reflects visually in the user interface, will at the same time improve user experience.