Picking a memorable domain name for your business is the first step towards successful online marketing. It is no easy feat as most of the popular top-level domains are already taken. It is even harder to come up with a name that is both creative and descriptive.

  1. Be Snappy – Keep the domain name short and simple. It has to be easy to spell and type.
  2. Be Catchy – Get creative and make it memorable. Combining 2 words or create a new word.
  3. Avoid Hyphens – Hyphens are often forgotten by people, the easiest way to lose traffic.
  4. Consider the Extension – .com is the defacto domain extension, but we do not have the luxury as it is very saturated. Try alternative such as .co or .io.
  5. Discoverable vs. Brandable – Using keywords in domain name helps to boost your business in search ranking. For example, AsiaSuitTailor.com has 3 keywords and the name itself is descriptive; SuitUp.com is more focus on a memorable and brandable domain name.