Quietly sitting at the bottom of all websites. The dumping ground of non-essential stuffs. Often filled with just copyright information and some loose links. Many business owners will not pay much attention to it during the design phase of their website. Nobody got love for the footer.

Do the users actually use it? Do the users really interact with the footer? Do users care?

The Struggle

Many designers actually struggle when we reached the footer section. Maybe we’ve expended all our energy and creativity on everything, and now that we’ve reached the bottom of the page, the footer, we’re stoned.

What do I put here? Just the copyright information I guess? Does it matter?

The footer serves as your last chance to help your user. Your last chance to sell something. Your last chance to make the user stay a little longer. When the user can’t find what he wants and he is already at the bottom of the page, he’s gonna assume that this isn’t the right place and you just don’t have it. +1 to your exit count.

Navigation Menu

Other than the usual logo and copyright information. You can put your navigation menu items in the footer. It’s always good to have an extra set in the footer so that the user doesn’t need to scroll all the way back to the top to reach for the navigation menu.

Additional Menu

There’re pages that you don’t want to include in the main navigation menu, such as Terms and Conditions pages. There’s a growing trend of moving the Contact Us and About Us pages to the footer, since companies now realized that those are not the primary needs of the users.


Putting a search bar in the footer allows the user to take a last approach to find the thing that he didn’t see after scrolled through your page.

Sign Up Form

If the user likes what he saw on your site, it maybe effective to have a quick sign up form at the footer.

Still Struggling

But I still want to keep it clean and minimal and I don’t have that many stuff on my site anyway? Of cause you can just keep it simple if that’s the intention.

Analyze the user flow and interactions of your site, will help to discover what works and what doesn’t. Redesign that footer, present it, and explain it to your clients. Love thy footer.