Who Use This Healthcare App

This project was in development when I joined. It’s a collaboration between the research institute and a hospital for a solution that address the pain points from clinician and caregivers. The solution aims at lessen the workload of clinician and hasten the process of getting help and answer for caregivers, by having a localised and accurate knowledge base on a certain medical subject.

It’s insightful for me to work together with behaviour scientists and psychologists, seeing how they design surveys, plan focus group workshop, and conduct researches. They’re also glad to have someone from the industry, sharing industrial best practices and know-how, to productise the concept.

With lots of ground works done and part of the solution developed, we went on to test and validate to see what should be prioritise and iterate. One of the feedback from the users was that the app is difficult to use. Upon further probing into the matter, we found that they do not understand most of the content. It’s one of the hurdle where clinician emphasis on using professional terms and lingo where average user find it difficult to understand. We did rounds of content improvement and gradually convince them to use more layman wordings.

For the questionnaire section, we simplified the interface and content so that there’s less action or decision to make on each individual screen. While it increase the number of screens required, it’s actually faster for the user to complete.

We also debated on having the log in screen right at the start versus having it later only when necessary to collect personal information. The concern the clinician have is that opening the information to the public will invade their intellectual property. On the other hand, we would like to show users what’s valuable and beneficial to them and eventually convert them.

What I did

  • User Interview
  • User Testing
  • Heuristic Review
  • Design Iteration