Is Coworking Done

Coworking has been the major trend and the headliner these years. It’s a saturated market but still fast growing and full of potential. Many landlords and service providers have join the bandwagon.

I’d a chat with a friend in the real estate industry on the current trend, the changing landscape, and the outlook of the sector. Traditional long leases are making less sense for new startups and small companies. Companies are looking for fast solutions, and real estate has to adapt to the needs of companies, becoming an on-demand service.

There’re many benefits of coworking versus conventional office rental, and many gaps that we can address. We’ve mapped out the journey of different customers and users. We’ve built prototype to test and validate our concerns and idea.

Other than the web app, we’ve more things planned and in-development.

What I did

  • Service Blueprint
  • Feature Roadmap
  • Business Model
  • Product Design
  • Pitch Presentation